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If you have mistakenly deleted your important files from mac hard drives and you have also lost from mac trash. Then what would you do. Actually the files are still present in the drive volume but you will not able to access your lost files. To recover your lost files from mac trash you can use professional mac recovery software that recovers your all types of lost files from mac trash.

Some users think files can never be retrieved once it has been emptying from mac trash. The space that the files used to occupy is now free space and available for re-use. All your deleted or lost files are still there and recoverable. Sometimes, if the file you deleted is very small, it might not be overwritten for a while until another equally small-size file is written to the drive. As long as you make sure the data lost area has not been occupied, there are a great chance that lost data can be retrieved.

Steps to recover lost data:

  • Select the disk and select recover videos option.
  • Select the searching criteria and browse the destination path where the recovered data will be saved.
  • Select the desired extension type for recovery process.
  • Drive is scanned for the deleted or lost data.
  • Open containing folder to view the recovered data.
  • View the recovered data.

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