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Flash drive (also known as USB drive, pen drive thumb drive, key drive etc) is one of the most widely used data storage device that is used to transfer data from one system to another. There are so many reasons which would lead to cause the loss of data from flash drive. Most of the people believe that once their data deleted from flash drive is lost forever and may not be recovered. But in actual, it doesn’t happen. You can easily get back your entire lost files from flash drive using our mac USB drive data recovery software.

Common reasons that could lead to cause of data loss from flash drive:

  • Formatted flash drive
  • Virus infected drive
  • Corrupted flash drive
  • Improper handling of flash drive
  • Accidentally deleted data (from flash drive) and more.

Following steps helps you to recover your deleted data from flash drive:

  • Select the disk and select recover photos option.
  • Select the searching criteria and browse the Destination path where the recovered data will be saved.
  • Drive is scanned for the deleted or lost data.
  • Open containing folder to view the recovered data.
  • View your recovered data.

Recover your deleted important official documents, project files, photos, pictures, mp3/mp4 files and other valuable data from flash drive using mac USB drive data recovery software. Know More »

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